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Your Guide to Valentine’s Day Dinner in Hendersonville TN

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means you need to start thinking about where you’re going to take your special someone to dinner. You can do Valentine’s Day a few different ways, like going casual, doing some sampling, and even getting away for the whole weekend.

Below, you’ll find a few great places to check out near Hendersonville, TN, that will suit you and your Valentine no matter what you’re into.

Go Casual at Jumbo & Delicious

If casual is more your speed, you’ll want to check out Jumbo & Delicious. Founded by Chef Ayman Albert in 2013, Jumbo & Delicious focuses on serving eats that are both hand-crafted and hands-on. This is to say that you may be getting a little messy when you eat here, but it will be totally worth it.

Dive into one of Jumbo & Delicious’s jumbo and stuffed burgers. Their meat patties are both stuffed and topped with cheese along with any combination of your burger favorites.

Sample Local Brews at Half Batch Brewing Co.

Half Batch Brewing Co. had humble beginnings. In fact, their first beer was brewed in a college apartment. However, this brewery has taken off in a big way and serves as the perfect place to have a nice chat over a few quality beers after your Valentine’s Day dinner.

Half Batch Brewing Co.’s Public Room offers eight exclusive beers to be tried. Among them is the Two Foot Cream Ale, Rottentot Red, BS IPA, and Only At Night Imperial Stout.

Get Away at the Thistletop Inn

Kick the romance up a notch by taking your Valentine away for the whole weekend at the Thistletop Inn. This chateau-style inn is settled into the Loire Valley countryside and specializes in helping guests get the full relaxation effect that comes from being away from the city.

Take a hand-in-hand stroll along a scenic dirt road after you’ve sat down and had a hot, homemade breakfast. Opt for one of their many extra packages, ranging from beautiful flowers to bottles of champagne, to improve the weekend even more.

Happy Valentine’s Day!