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Local Spotlight: Two Fat Men Ice Cream Company

Two Fat Men Ice Cream Company

From kids to adults, ice cream puts everyone in a good mood. Whether it’s a simple cone or a classic banana split, the right ice cream can bring a smile to your face. If you could go for a couple scoops right now, head over to Two Fat Men Ice Cream Company.

Fresh, Small Batch Ice Cream

Ice CreamAll their ice cream is handcrafted in small batches. Their founders even studied the art of making ice cream up at the Penn State University’s famous Ice Cream College. They combined that knowledge with fresh, natural ingredients to create the most flavorful ice cream around.

You’ll be able to taste both the attention to detail and local ingredients they put into each flavor. All the milk and cream they use comes from Middle Tennessee State University’s dairy department, while their eggs and berries all come from local Wilson County Farms.

That kind of quality makes both their shop and ice cream truck sought after destinations for flavors like butter pecan, salty caramel, strawberry cheesecake, and loaded banana pudding with white chocolate. You can even get them to cater your next private party or event with an ice cream sundae bar and scooping station.

Savory Sundaes

Ice Cream SundaeOn top of their delicious flavors, you can order some creative and decadent sundaes. You’ll find classics like the banana split and signature sundaes like the Fat Full Moo’n Delight. It features two scoops of vanilla ice cream on top of a couple Tennessee chocolate moon pies, then adds whipped cream and a cherry on top. For a southwest twist on your sundae, try the Udder Explosion Nachos.  It starts with a handful of tortilla chips then piles on chocolate and vanilla ice cream, before adding whipped cream and some fresh strawberries.

Bring Your Appetite

To satisfy your craving and indulge in some expertly crafted ice cream, make your way over to Two Fat Men Ice Cream Company. Make sure to follow them on Facebook too, so you’ll be able to find out where their truck is headed.