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Local Spotlight: Ovation Music & Studios

Ovation Music & Studios

Whether you dream of being a rock star, want to take up a new hobby, or help your kids be more artistic, playing music makes everyone feel something. It brings people together and can help you express yourself. While Music City might be just down the road, you can make music right here in the heart of downtown Gallatin at Ovation Music & Studios.

Making Musicians of All Ages

Ovation Music & Studios LessonsTheir experienced instructors offer one-on-one lessons for all sorts of instruments. They’ll be able to teach you the basics and help you perfect your craft. From kids who’ve never picked up an instrument to adults trying to become a one-man-band, they’ll make sure you grow as a musician.

Every style is welcome, too. No matter who your musical influences are, their instructors can help you learn your favorite songs—or create your own sound. They also offer songwriting workshops as well as summer camps for kids.

Plus, if you want to collaborate with others and be part of a band, you can join their Rockshop. It’s a 12-week program where an instructor helps you and a few other students become a band. From picking a name and recording together to performing live, they’ll give you the full rock star experience.

A Tour Bus Worth of Equipment

Music InstrumentsIn addition to offering lessons and workshops, Ovation Music & Studios carries plenty of resources for experienced musicians, too. You can jam out in their practice rooms or record your latest EP in their studio. Their shop also offers new guitars, amplifiers, and equipment, including strings, microphones, and cables. You can even find the accessories you’ve been looking for, like capos and pedals.

Instrument repairs are also available. So, if your guitar gets dinged on the way to a gig, they’ll be able to get it tuned up and looking good as new.

Get Ready to Rock in Gallatin

If you’re interested in taking lessons, joining a band, or just need some new guitar strings, visit Ovation Music & Studios. Their passionate staff loves to see students and fellow musicians follow their dreams. Follow them on Facebook for updates on signing up, videos of their students rocking out, and some hilarious music memes.