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How to Balance Tires

Toyota of Gallatin Gallatin TN

Your tires come into contact with the road and therefore are some of the most important components on your car. It’s important you keep them in peak condition to ensure impressive traction, control, and stopping power.

One of the ways you can maintain your tires is through balancing. This service helps to evenly distribute weight around the entire circumference of the tire to help minimize wear and tear.

Our team at Toyota of Gallatin is here to show you how to balance your tires as well as when it may be time to get this service done. Drivers near Gallatin, Nashville, and Madison, TN, should give us a call if you have any further questions.

Steps to Balancing Your Tires

1. Remove your center caps and wheel weights. If your car has center caps, they need to be removed along with the old wheel weights prior to balancing as this can alter the results from the machine.

2. Mount your wheel onto a balancing machine and double check it’s snug and tight.

3. Measure the wheel and input the height and width into the machine.

4. Choose your vehicle on the machine so that the proper amount of road force is being tested.

5. Enter your tire pressure according to your owner’s manual and press start.

6. Install wheel weights after the machine has tested road force. It will tell you how much weight is needed and which side of the wheel it should be on.

7. Rebalance your wheel to make sure the proper wheel weight has been added and in the right spot.

8. Take your wheel off the machine once it indicates the process is done and reinstall on your car.

As you can see, this process needs a hefty machine to get the job done. To help simplify this process, you can bring your car to your local service center to have one of their technicians complete the service for you.

When Do You Need Your Tires Balanced?

Toyota of Gallatin Gallatin TN

It is recommended that you should balance your tires every 12,000 miles. However, the following warning signs are indications you may need to balance them right away:

  • Vibrations

Even just half of an ounce off balance can lead to a car vibrating though the steering wheel when driving. As the imbalance worsens, so will the vibration, so it’s important to have your car inspected right away when you notice a wobble.

  • Issues with Steering

Unbalance steering can create delay in response time or make handling imperfect. Always take note of any differences in the way your car performs and have your car inspected right away.

  • Uneven Tire Wear

If you notice one side of your tires is wearing down more quickly than the other, you may need to rebalance them.

  • Poor Fuel Economy

Unbalanced tires can cause your vehicle to work harder than it needs to and therefore burn more fuel. If you notice you’re running to the pump more often than usual, consider rebalancing your tires.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your vehicle, reach out to your local service center to have your car and tires inspected right away.

Balance Your Tires Today!

Are your tires in need of balancing? Give us a call at Toyota of Gallatin today to schedule an appointment with our service center. We hope to see our Gallatin, Nashville, and Madison, Tennessee, friends soon!